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Episode 1 - The Intro with Ben Kronberg

Ben Kronberg stops by the Laurel Courts West Studios for a glass of water.

Episode 2 - The Wedding with Dan Bialek

Jon and Zach audition to be featured performers at Dan Bialek's upcoming wedding.

Episode 3 - Chat Show with Simon King

Jon, Zach, and Simon King are all participants in a chit-chat.

Episode 4 - Mother's Day with Jeff Wattenhofer

disgrace n.

  1. Loss of honor, respect, or reputation; shame.
  2. The condition of being strongly and generally disapproved.
  3. One that brings disfavor or discredit: This episode is a disgrace.

Episode 5 - Top 5 Ballers with Todd Womack

Just in time for the NBA 2009 Championships, Todd Womack gives us his Top 5 Ballers List.

Episode 6 - Death of the Man-Scorpion with Andrew DeWitt

Andrew DeWitt comes by the LCW Studios to teach us how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Episode 7 - American History IX with April Richardson

April Richardson pays a visit to the Laurel Courts West Studios to talk about American History.

Episode 8 - Free Comedy Seminar with Mike Holmes

Comedy Guru Mike Holmes pays a visit to the LCWS to give Jon and Zach a free comedy lesson.

Episode 9 - Dance Party with Barbara Gray

Barbara Gray falls victim to an unscheduled dance party.

Episode 10 - No Snitchin' with Cornell Reid

Cornell Reid pays a visit to the Laurel Courts West Studios to celebrate Tupac's Birthday.

Episode 11 - Duck Hunt with Joe Doyle

Professional Pick-up Artist Joe Doyle teaches us how to peacock for the ladies.

Episode 12 - Birth Days with Gene George

Gene George stops by to celebrate the births of Jon, America, and his new baby.

Episode 13 - Freak Show with Ahm Mingus

Ahm Mingus comes to the Laurel Courts West Studios to kick off the new season of Us, Right Here.

Episode 14 - Goodnight, My Someone with Paul Danke

Paul Danke joins Jon on the couch to discuss Zach's songwriting process.

Episode 15 - Barbershoppe with John Vargas

John Vargas and Zach bond over barber-related trauma. Later, we discuss progressivism in rural America.

Episode 16 - New Digs with Alex Nussbaum

Alex Nussbaum helps Jon and Zach redesign the U,RH. set at the LCW Studios.

Episode 17 - Columbus Day with Tom Becker

Tom Becker joins Jon and Zach to talk about secret dreams and Christopher Columbus.

Episode 18 - Hobotown with Marianne Sierk

Marianne Sierk thinks Zach and Jon need a new couch. Later, she accompanies Zach on violin.

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